Women Empowerment Campaign

Taramandal women empowerment campaign launched vocational training on velvet shoe making for 15 women in Old Baneshwor. Training started on Ashad 5, continued for 10 days and ended on 15th Ashad. The main purpose of the training was to empower and strengthen women by providing training on something that they can use the gained skill to earn their living thereafter.

We aim at improving educational and socio-economic condition of the women, as a whole which will help enhance the capacity building by giving them skill for establishing a small cottage industry by them. The training program was supported by district development committee Kathmandu through Kathmandu metropolitan city. The program was a great success. Women participants were happy to gain the skill and were confident on using the skill for their livelihood. This success has encouraged us to provide more vocational training on coming days.

We are always ready to provide such kind of training to the women in our community who are staying idle with no skill. Helping and empowering women is building the family strong and it providing positive feedback in the community we live. We are searching for few helping hands who believe in the same mission for empowering women. Good hearted people can help us or donate us. Your small help can bring a great change towards creating a better and justful society where both men and women work together for creating a prosperous country.