About Taramandal Mahila Sashaktikaran Abhiyan

Taramandal Mahila Sasaktikaran Aviyan (TMSA) is a Non- Profit Organization registered under social welfare council and CDO office of Kathmandu. Its registered office is located at Kathmandu-9, Battisputali. It aims to develop lifestyle and leadership abilities and provide basic health, education, sanitary needs of people as well as work on the development and improvement in life of the victims of various natural calamities, earthquake and also empower the helpless, poor and orphan children, old people and women discrimination.


Unbiased and equal human being in a matter of gender, economic and status.


Serving as milestone for the equality and social well-being.

Strategic objectives

  • Organize Skill Development and Awareness Programs for social, cultural, educational development and empowerment of society.
  • Support the development working on drinking water, sewage, health, education, road, bridge, cleanliness and sanitary facility and forestation and many other similar programs for the local and rural development.
  • Create awareness on the gender equality and legal rights and discourage the crimes like trafficking, rape and domestic violence on the socially backward people, women and children.
  • Help the earthquake victims by managing the natural resources and support the department working on their development, reconstruction and management.
  • This institution would be the social institution working on social cause for support and development of society without any profit motive.
  • Carry necessary initiation for conservation of environment, literature, culture, rituals, religious beliefs, racial unity.
  • Support in all possible ways to aware and help the victims of various social crimes, needy, poor, women, children, and old people and empower them.
  • Publish brochures, pamphlets, bulletins and create awareness and empowerment of women by prior approval from concerned authority.
  • Co-ordinate and co-operate with institution with similar objectives.

Organizational Plan

Organization Carrying a Nobel aim to eradicate the social discrimination and build equity and bring awareness on social violence, illiteracy, health, poverty and wrong cultural upbringings and work on the empowerment of educational, financial, and health sectors and also aims to protect the freedom and human right of health, education, security, sanitation as well as working on infrastructural development of victims of natural calamities. Organizations corporate plans are as follows:

  • Youth empowerment training will be provided for more than 2500 youth, which includes entrepreneurship development training such as carpentry, tailoring, Hair dressing, Auto Mechanics etc;
  • Increasing members up to 5,000 and extending district level branch office to all district of Nepal;
  • Initiating services of the organization for more than 7 offices of each state concentrating in rural areas;
  • Organizing educational, health, backward society, and related programs in coordination with Government of Nepal at village level;
  • Organizing various public awareness programs singly or in joint coordination with other NGOs/INGOs; and
  • Organization can add new program to as per rules of organization.